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We believe that our weekly rides offer some of the best cycling courses in the state. We have riders from throughout WA who, as visitors to our area, enjoy the Albany experience, and we warmly welcome newcomers on our rides.​ Come along!


The Albany Cycling Club was formed in the early 1900’s by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for riding in our beautiful area. It has continued through the years, developing and changing as needed, but the passion and the camaraderie remains, as of course does our stunning scenery.

What's Ahead

Albany Cycle Club


The Albany Cycling Club committee has decided  to cancel all races and events until further notice due to the COVID -19 virus safety measures.

We want to take a proactive approach to protecting the health of riders and their families.  The decision follows recommendations from WestCycle . Cycling Australia and advice from health authorities, and has been taken in the interests of riders, officials and volunteers. Each of those groups contain people who are vulnerable to the virus. Temporarily halting racing reduces the risk of the virus, and helps to “flatten the curve” of infection rates. The decision affects all events on our calendar from the next race which was due to be run at Robinson Racecourse on Sunday March 28 until further notice

You can still ride your bike (riding is good for your health!). However, these precautions are recommended:
- Limit groups to 10 riders
- Ensure all riders are self-sufficient in case of mechanical issues
- Leave a gap of at least 1.5 metres to the rider in front of you, including while stopped at intersections
- If riding two abreast, use the maximum allowable gap of 1.5 metres between riders
- At cafes (where open for take away coffee) maintain “social distancing” and keep helmets, gloves and sunglasses off tables.

More generally, adopting these following habits will help limit the spread of the virus:
- Wash hands regularly with hand soap for more than 20 seconds and use fresh paper towels or air blowers to dry hands
- Use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if hand washing facilities are not available
- When coughing or sneezing, do so into the fold of your elbow.
- When using a tissue to blow your nose, dispose of the tissue immediately instead of placing it back into a pocket or bag

- When riding in a group, avoid blowing your nose or spitting – and drop to the back of the group if it is necessary. Keep any used tissues in your pocket until you reach  are back home, where you can then dispose of them into a suitable bin.    


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Be safe - be seen. 

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