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We believe that our weekly rides offer some of the best cycling courses in the state. We have riders from throughout WA who, as visitors to our area, enjoy the Albany experience, and we warmly welcome newcomers on our rides.​ Come along!


The Albany Cycling Club was formed in the early 1900’s by a group of enthusiasts who wanted to share their passion for riding in our beautiful area. It has continued through the years, developing and changing as needed, but the passion and the camaraderie remains, as of course does our stunning scenery.

What's Ahead

Albany Cycle Club

Special General Meeting for the Albany Cycling Club held on Thursday 30th of July 2020 at Centennial Park Meeting room

Results of Motion

That the Albany Cycling Club be wound up and the committee take steps to ensure that this is done with strict adherence to the clubs constitution and all other legal requirements before the end of December 2020

12 members in favour and 4 members against. As per the ACC constitution this means the vote at the meeting ensures the club is to be wound up. The committee will formulate a plan that complies with all statuory requirements which will then be presented to members in a timely fashion.    


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In 2016 we redesigned our Club Kit. You will agree - there is no missing us on the roads now.

Be safe - be seen. 

Albany Cycling Club


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